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Overlaminate Sheets

Specifications of materials commonly used in Signage Systems



Overlaminate Sheets :
       Material and Process Specifications:

Overlaminate Sheets:

 Vinyl signages can be protected with a transparent and clear, non-reflective, matt UV guard Cast overlaminate film.
This will increase the life of the Vinyl stickers as well as offer additional protection from the weather.

Construction: Polyvinyl Fluoride
Thickness: 1.9 mil (with adhesive)
Adhesive thickness: 0.9-1mil
PVF thickness: 1mil
Adhesive: PSA acrylic
Film Cover: Clear
Adhesive colour: Clear
Liner: Poly-coated paper
Dimesion Stability: .5%

Suggested manufacturer:
Tedlar 7001 manufactured by DuPont,
Gerber UVGuard by Arrow coated Products,
8910 by 3M India,
DOL 1000 by Avery Dennison.

(Please Note:
The specifications and processes mentioned above are a suggestion for proper treatment of materials used in Signages. They
in no way indicate absolute figures and also there may be other ways of achieving the same.)

Signage Systems

Home> Application> Technology> Material Specs> Overlaminate Sheet